Spark INNOVATION with your team by asking the AND question


If you live in Colorado you enjoy a climate that allows you to be outside most days — as long as you’re dressed for it. So it was for this reason that last year I bought a jacket that was extremely light, and extremely warm. Wait …light and warm? Aren’t those two contradictory qualities? Not if you innovate.

That’s why the AND question is critical if you want to improve and grow your business. It’s a great way to spark innovation for yourself AND your team.

Definition of Innovation = A new match between a need and a solution

Car companies must ask: “How can we design a car that is safe AND fast?” A car that is JUST safe is useless, and a car that is JUST fast is dangerous.

So, when its time to improve, create, produce — start with the AND question.

  • How can we create a process that’s simple AND thorough?
  • How do we design a product that’s beautiful AND functional?
  • How do we communicate with our clients so its “just in time” AND personal?
  • Give clients both qualities and you will exceed expectations (I seriously love that jacket), and grow your market — whether your client is internal or external.

Try a version of the AND question at your next

  • team meeting
  • strategy setting session
  • beginning of year vision meeting

Challenge yourself and your team to consider two seemingly contradictory qualities; don’t settle for just one. And why not start with your team / client meetings? Your meetings shouldn’t just be relevant — they should be relevant AND energizing. See? Better already!

For more ideas and strategies to put the power of AND to work for you, give me a call. AND, as soon as someone develops chocolate that is both delicious AND low calorie — please let me know.

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