No More Blank Stares & Bored Expressions

  • Are you newly promoted and part of your role is to present to clients and influence senior leaders... but you'd rather eat nails?  
  • Are you responsible for designing compelling presentations...but not sure where to start?
  • Are you an experienced presenter...but the process is too time consuming and you're ready to up your game?

Your presentations don’t have to be the time-intensive, incredibly stressful, emotional roller coaster they have been in the past.   You can learn to be a better presenter - and it starts with exceptional design.

Presentation Transformation is Targeted For:

Those who design and / or deliver presentations. I.T. and Sales professionals, Finance and HR Leaders, Project Managers who want to improve their ability to influence others

My Presentation Transformation workshops and coaching will teach you the science of influencing people so you present what your audience needs. It will also help you feel confident and persuasive when you’re the one at the front of the room.

Be one of those people who masters presentations.  

Boost your career, give your ideas traction and inspire your audience.

What To Expect

You’ll master design and delivery.

Presentation Transformation is offered in 3 separate sessions.  Looking for a FULL transformation in content design, visual design and delivery?   or just need a focus on ONE?  We customize to your needs. 

We offer Client Site and Public workshops

Introvert?  Extrovert? Either way - we start with the best foundation: a clear, well-designed presentation.   Next you'll learn how to create compelling PPT slides that amplify your message.  With your presentation mostly built - its time to deliver!  You'll practice in a safe and supportive environment.  Learn proven techniques to reduce stress and build confidence.


You’ll reduce your design time (and your stress).

I get it: You’re busy. With this transformation, you’ll learn a process that speeds up your design time.  Got a presentation deadline that’s just around the corner?  Meet it AND increase the quality of your content.


You’ll be able to use these skills again and again.

The process I’ve developed is repeatable and will help you build compelling presentations no matter what type. Your meetings and pitches will shine for years to come.


You’ll have a great time.

Picture engaging activities and chances to laugh as you learn. We’ll take a practical approach to leveling up your skills, AND we’ll have fun in the process. Theory and fluff aren’t allowed in this transformation.

Prepare For Roaring Applause

Or the conference room version of it. The point is, when you present after this transformation, no one will be looking at their phone–not unless they’re writing about how awesome your message is. Really.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Create an attention-grabbing opener...the kind that hushes a room
  • Use your voice, and not just loudly, but persuasively
  • Identify and deliver the messages your audience actually wants to hear
  • Influence others to take action, be it in the form or sales closed or ideas approved



The Costs of Weak Presentations


100% of people stated  that a poor presentation will negatively affect their perception of the product being sold.


Half of those who are employed admit to being distracted during a presentation.


On average, leaders spend more than $14,000 of their time a year creating presentations.




Not Ready For The Full Transformation?

No problem! My one-day Presentation Design Workshop will help you and your team go from “How are we going to pull this one off?” to having clarity around your audience’s top needs, an outline of killer content, and maneuvers throughout your talk that drive engagement.