Ready to take your presentation to the next level? Want to boost your ability and confidence in presenting? Share data and visuals in a compelling way so you can influence your team, clients and senior leaders?

This is not your typical “public peaking” class.  We won’t teach you how to point to your slide or where to hold your hands (ok, actually there are a few pointers like that).   What we WILL do is help you turn your content into a message that others WANT to hear, and may even change minds.

You’ll learn a structure that uses contrast and stories to capture and hold your audience’s attention.  You’ll design clear, appealing new slides using some simple PRO techniques.

So, whether you want to inform, influence or transform – we’re here to help upgrade your next presentation…from stale to stellar.

WHAT:  2-day presentation skills workshop plus a one hour slide coaching post- workshop. This can be separated into individual modules (see below).  We will deliver at your company or desired location.

YOU’LL GET: a workbook, a presentation planner, a feedback checklist and 5 high-end business slide templates.


  • Establish your big idea

  • Deliver an intro that builds trust and like-ability

  • Connect with your audience empathetically

  • Use a repeatable, persuasive structure that uses contrast and stories

  • Turn your data into simple appealing visuals

  • Design clean, appealing slides using 3 “pro” tips.

  • Create content that is persuasive even when you’re communicating data

  • Chose the right images, graphs for your message

WHO takes Presentation Skills 2.0:  Sales and Marketing leaders / Project managers / Insights, IT, & Analytics leaders / Finance Leaders / L&D, HR professionals

OUTCOME: 1st draft of an entire presentation from your Intro to your Ask

INVESTMENT: $6,500 for the full workshop for up to 12 participants


Denver Presentation Skills Workshop 2.0 Modules:

1)  What’s your big idea, and Who’s your audience?

  • Get clear on your Big Idea / Core Message

  • Connect with your audience and their needs

  • Find common ground

  • Acknowledge realities / resistance

2) Your Intro

  • Don’t preamble – parachute in

  • Be credible… Be Likeable

  • Practice intros that grab your audience’s attention

3) Build your presentation

  • Mind map your info

  • Layout your whole outline in 15 minutes

  • Structure and contrast your content in a compelling way

  • Use real examples / stories that support your Big Idea

4) Visuals

  • Design slides that propel your message and cut through the noise

  • Tell a story with data

  • Turn words into diagrams

  • Use 3 “PRO” tips to immediately increase the quality of your slides: hierarchy, white space, contrast

5) Put it all together

  • Practice! Optional: you’ll be videoed

  • Q & A

  • Your Ask / Call to Action