Hi, I’m Jeannie Clinkenbeard

I’m on a mission to rid the world of bad presentations and fruitless innovation.

Why? Because both prevent your talented team from thriving and making the mark your company aimed to when it was first launched. My work is about tangible forward movement.

You might have experienced communication training or studied innovation before, but I can confidently say the processes  I use will push your perspectives and take your team further in just a handful of hours.


300+ Managers Can’t Be Wrong


For more than 15 years, I’ve partnered with leaders (like you) who are in charge of everything from software development and call centers, to helicopter testers and nurses.

They all shared the desire to be better presenters and trailblazers. They were also invested in learning to drive their teams in the same direction. And they’ve all left my instruction saying they felt focused, energized, and that they had processes for capturing profitable ideas and delivering their visions effectively.

I’m positive that you can feel that way too; but before we line up a time to talk more, I’d love to give you some insight into how I operate.

My Crusade Against Generic Trainings

I’ll be blunt: During my corporate life, I sat through some bewildering trainings and confusing presentations. My workshops and tournaments are anything but that!

In fact, my natural drive to make things better means I’m constantly updating my services and finding new ways to connect with groups, inspire them with original ideas, and allow them to have fun while leveling up on indispensable business skills.

Teams also know me for asking a lot of “Why?” and “Why not?” questions, and for a hypervigilance around inclusion.

The Values I Operate From

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It Worked For Them. And It Can Work For You.

I know how it feels to not know where to start innovating, or which new business idea to move toward. I understand the intimidation you might feel when you’re at the front of a room presenting.

My Presentation Transformation and Innovation Overhaul processes are designed to zap those feelings at the root and equip you with repeatable processes for presenting and innovating like a pro every time.

If you’re ready to regain market share or the buy-in of those you present to, line up a time so we can discuss what you need.


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