Energizing Innovation Processes.
Exceptional Solutions.

Many companies approach innovation in a scattershot manner, going after as much interesting, new stuff as possible, waiting with bated breath to see what pans out. Other organizations feel unclear and immobilized by innovation.

While they wait, customer service scores often dip. Growth flattens. High potential team members exit to join competing companies that foster leaders who can revolutionize the business and stay on top of the day-to-day.

  • Innovation is about problem solving—but does your team understand which problems to solve?
  • Are your existing solutions, programs, or products working less effectively than they used to?
  • Do you wish you could quickly and effectively generate and evaluate the BEST ideas?
It’s time to rethink your innovation process.

Whether you are looking for one energizing Team Innovation Tournament or a full program - let's talk! We’ll work together so that you and your team ask the right questions, focus on the solutions you have the technology and skills to implement, and bring great ideas to life faster than ever.

My Innovation Overhaul will instill your team with the mindset and collaborative process essential to growing and staying relevant in changing times.


Free Innovation Opportunity Starter Kit

Throwing “spaghetti at the wall” isn’t an effective innovation strategy. Use this Opportunity Map worksheet to identify your most impactful opportunities and infuse the right vision into your growth plans.

What To Expect

You’ll understand the process. In my world, innovation isn’t magical or abstract. We’ll follow a simple and clear path to ideate, verify, and implement your team’s best ideas.

You’ll save time. As a leader, you don’t have to spend months or years learning, or becoming, an innovation expert. With this overhaul, you’ll master straightforward ways to problem solve quickly.

You’ll spot “bad” ideas. From a mile away! You’ll understand how to reduce the risk of the unknown by effectively testing and evaluating the ideas your team generates (meaning you’ll save money too).

You’ll have a great time. Don’t let the word “overhaul” fool you. Your team will leave this experience energized and with a prioritized list of solutions and steps for moving your business forward.


Achieve Unparalleled Relevance

After completing this overhaul you will have focused on and tested your top ideas.  Now you'll know which exceptional ideas to implement.    Best of all, you’ll have a process that you can use when building your competitive edge for years to come.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Interrupt your team’s old ways of thinking and create an empowered culture of “Hey, what if we tried X?”
  • Deeply understand your customers and reimagine your services or processes accordingly
  • Make innovation an undeniable current that runs throughout your operations
  • Regain market share by shaking up consumer perceptions of what you can provide

Hidden Costs of Ineffective Innovation


Only 27% of senior executives report integrating innovation into the strategic planning process. (McKinsey Quarterly)


$75M of business was lost to poor customer service in 2018. (NewVoiceMedia)


More than half the workforce would leave their current job for a more innovative environment. (IBM)

"We left the Innovation Tournament with SEVEN top ideas. Our Senior Leadership team loved every one, and we have their support to continue development as they match our strategic initiatives." — Stacy B., Vice President at Fortune 20 Bank


Not Ready For The Full Overhaul?

Sometimes, all you need is a jumpstart to power your next roundtable or annual planning session. That’s why I also offer Innovation Tournaments! In just half a day, your team can clearly identify your most pressing business challenges and generate solutions that capture value in new ways.