THE CHALLENGE: leaders are expected to manage the daily operation AND move the business forward.  Most leaders don’t have a structured way to innovate.  We’ll teach you a proven process that’s energizing, inclusive and best of all results in exceptional ideas for your business.

We’ll run an Innovation Tournament at your company or teach you how to do it

An Innovation Tournament:

  1. Generates and evaluates ideas / opportunities quickly

  2. Focuses your resources on the exceptional ideas

  3. Is a repeatable process that includes everyone on the team

  4. Reduces the risk of implementing the “wrong” idea

  5. Is fun and energizing – with serous outcomes.  Outcomes that can lead to yourbusiness’s growth, strategies, projects, and profits.

Innovation Tournaments kick start your team’s capacity to think differently and grow the business.

Use Innovation Tournaments for:

• Beginning-of-year strategy sessions
• Annual team meetings
• Idea generation sessions
• Process improvement meetings

Inside-Out Innovation offers two opportunities to drive more team innovation: We will run a Team Innovation Tournament for the whole team or teach you how to run your own Innovation Tournament.

Team Innovation Tournament: 

We facilitate this team activity for up to 40 people

WHO: The whole team


In a fun live format, your team will  experience an Innovation Tournament first hand.  We will  focus on a specific innovation challenge for your business.

The goal is to quickly take a large quantity of opportunities through multiple filters- so that only the exceptional ideas remain.  Everyone gets a chance to pitch their own ideas.  When the top ideas have been identified- Your team will then take a deeper look at each one.   In small groups, they will work through a benefits / risk assessment plan.  Through all these innovation stages we will keep your customer at the forefront.  How does this idea benefit impact them?  Is the need REAL?

OUTCOME: The team’s efforts will result in a prioritized list of the top 3-5 evaluated ideas, and the start of a project team for each idea. Your team will leave with a template for a business plan and next steps on their new project. This is an excellent team activity to start the year, or course correct mid-year.


Innovation Workshop:

We teach leaders how to run their own Team Innovation Tournaments.  

WHO: Team leaders at all levels, Innovation Officers, Meeting facilitators, business owners, project managers

WHAT TO EXPECT:  approximately  6 hours with 1 hour lunch break:  8:30 AM -3:30 PM

During our Innovation Workshop You will experience the 3 stages of Innovation hands-on. Each stage has a straightforward process / tool and can become its own great team-building activity. You will leave with step by step instructions to run your own Team Innovation Tournament.

8:30 – 10:00 AM

  • Welcome—What is Innovation?

  • Why innovation is both critical and risky—video and discussion

  • The 4 stages of Innovation: Investigate / Create / Evaluate / Activate

You will audit your team’s current products, services, processes through your customer’s eyes. We will do a group practice of 2 tools—then you will get a chance to do your own “real world” practice.
Tool #1: Opportunity Map—Identify areas where your team could best focus on innovation.
Tool #2: The Three Horizons of Opportunity—Categorize your innovation opportunity based on your businesses’ existing technology and markets.

10:15 – 12:00 PM
Now the fun begins! We’ll facilitate a hands-on Team Innovation Tournament. Each participant will generate and pitch their own ideas on a specific issue.

1:00- 3:30 PM
As a group you’ll diagnose the top ideas using the POINt model: what are the potential benefits, risks and solutions?

OUTCOME: You will leave the Innovation Workshop with step-by-step instructions and the inspiration to run your own Team Innovation Tournaments.

book- Innovation Tournamentsbased on the book by  Wharton School of Business Professors Karl Ulrich and Christian Terwiesch


Top companies, including The Melinda and Bill Gates foundation, Deloitte, Dow Chemical, and McKesson, use Innovation Tournaments to generate business growth and operational improvements with a lot less risk because team members put energy into evaluating and developing the BEST ideas.

A TEAM INNOVATION TOURNAMENT is a multi-round process. The purpose of the tournament is to generate many ideas, give voice to everyone’s ideas, and evaluate and select the exceptional ones.

We’re excited to help your team innovate. Our sessions are energizing and involve the whole team in generating focused business opportunity.  Innovation Tournaments are a fun team activity that deliver crucial results.