Most of us have sat through a LOT of presentations, updates, overviews etc.  Some of the PPT decks are mediocre, some terrible and then there are a few that stand out! The worst is when we see slides that are jam-packed with content, or images that make no sense. It requires a little more effort to create PPT slides that are appealing and functional – and your audience will thank you for it!

I recently asked the participants in my new Presentation Transformation workshop “Which of the tips around great slide design did you like best?”

“HEADLINES!” the majority responded.  “This is a tip that really makes a difference!”.

When my clients speak, I listen. This tip is one of my favorites and will instantly improve your presentation slide design!

Use Headlines instead of Titles

Capture the most important message you want your audience to know about your data.  Now create a short, clear sentence, and this becomes your headline. Creating headlines is especially useful for graphs, charts, and images.

Replace the typical TITLE with a HEADLINE.

A TITLE labels the information or category only.  A HEADLINE tells a story of your data.  It emphasizes your key message of that slide.  What is it you most want your audience to KNOW about your graph? What is it you most want them to REMEMBER? Help them to prioritize the date you are sharing.

You don’t need to use headlines for every slide. Consider headlines when you are using graphs, charts, tables AND you want to highlight the key message.

Your audience will appreciate your headlines – and none more so than when you are presenting to senior leaders. WHY?

Because a good headline:

  • helps your audience quickly understand the story behind the data
  • clarifies the key message
  • minimizes the amount of “work” your audience needs to do to sort through informationI always appreciate when a presenter has taken the effort to create headlines. Slides with headlines can be more interesting to read and more importantly – more persuasive.  Use headlines to create a clear path to the action you want your audience to take. But Wait!  Other than your audience, Who else might benefit from headlines?  Why…YOU will!  

    Headlines make you a better presentation designer and deliverer.  HOW?

    When you create headlines as you design your PPT slides, it:

    • helps you get very clear on your data
    • forces you to determine the key message of your slide

    When you use headlines as you present, it:

    • shows confidence in your information
    • does your audience a favorSo, with a little effort – improve your PPT slides and influence your audience!For more tips to improve the appeal and function of  your business presentation slides – click here to download my FREE Presentation Slides Starter Kit.  

      You’ll get professional tips AND 4 PTP templates you can use to create your own business presentation slides.

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