The  1 & 1/2 -day Elevated Presentation Skills workshop is divided into modules, all designed to teach you a compelling presentation method that persuades your team, clients and senior leaders. This presentation structure helps you build a presentation, of any type, that is audience focused, simple, logical and compelling.

1) Identify your Audience and the action you want them to take.

  • Connect with your audience to build trust
  • Focus on a small # of Big Ideas

2)  Build Your Presentation  – Choose, Clean-Up, Connect

  • Use an incredibly effective and repeatable structure
  • Identify what your audience needs to believe and know to take action
  • Create a logical and elegant flow with transitions
  • Balance data and stories to make your Ideas “stick”

3) Your Intro

  • Create your ASK – what do you want your audience to do or know?
  • Effectively use stories to grab attention

4) Visuals

  • Design slides that propel your message and cut through the noise
  • Tell the story behind the data
  • Use 3 “PRO” tips to immediately increase the quality of your slides

5) Put it all together

  • Energize your audience with your Call to Action
  • Practice & tweak, practice & tweak…repeat

Upgrade your next presentation…from stale to stellar.