A Critical Question to Ask Your Team in This Last Quarter of 2018


It's the home stretch for the year and leaders are busy wrapping up projects, and compiling end of year numbers.  Before the holidays take us into 2019, add one more vital team effort to your schedule.  Order lunch, go offsite, take a breather and ask your team: “Is what we deliver still valuable to our customers?”

Whether your team supports internal or external customers - 4th Quarter is a great time to press that pause button and ask “Is HOW and WHAT we provide still relevant, competitive, and valuable?”

As leaders we often stay so focused on the urgency of TODAY (the operation) that we forget to think about the importance  of TOMORROW (the growth of our business).

Our role, as a leader,  is to LEAD the team and business into the next phase.  Continual growth…continual innovation and improvement.

So, schedule some time with your team over next few months and ask: “Where are we headed? What’s still working, and what’s not?”

As an innovation process and presentation skills coach, I’ve helped teams and leaders generate exceptional ideas to improve how they:

  • Onboard new customers
  • Hire top talent
  • Create new services

To help you and your team ask the right questions and start innovating in the right DIRECTION,  I offer a: FREE Innovation Opportunity Starter kit. This is a thought-provoking team activity, and a great way to pinpoint  where your team should focus in 2019. Here’s to your success in quarter 4!

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