Innovation Overhaul

Leverage Brilliance, Get Unstuck
& Lead Your Team Into The Future

The good news: Profound innovation doesn’t have to take forever. Breaking into marketplaces, driving sales, and improving your services, lies in fostering a mindset of transparent, active innovation felt across your teams. It also requires a process you can easily repeat.

  • Empower your people to ideate & collaborate
  • Adapt to changing market conditions (quickly)
  • Identify your best ideas, avoid the bad ones, and delight your customers


Presentation Transformation

Inspire, Influence and Persuade
Others to Take Action

Your presentations are about more than getting projects and budgets approved or services sold; they’re about delivering memorable messages that build your credibility. To do that, you’ll have to master more than crisp delivery and confident body language.

  • Hit reset on what you’ve been taught about presentations
  • Focus on what your audience needs to know to take the action you want them to take
  • Deliver consistently influential & interesting presentations

Inspiring Ideas & Action For 15 Years

It’s hard to see established businesses struggle, lose customers, and fall behind, and even more difficult to watch teams do things the way they “always have” when it’s clear they’ve left better ideas unexplored.

That's why I created Inside-Out Innovation: To bring people together in productive, energizing sessions where the intimidation of presenting and innovating melts away and teams discover a shared sense of motivation while coming up with great business solutions.



Free Innovation Opportunity Starter Kit

Throwing “spaghetti at the wall” isn’t an effective innovation strategy. Use this Opportunity Map worksheet to identify your most impactful opportunities and infuse the right vision into your growth plans.



Free Presentation Slide Starter Kit

Whether you love or hate them, slide decks will be part of your professional life for the foreseeable future. These templates will help you create presentations that resonate (no design degree required).

What Clients are Saying

“I was able to lay out my whole presentation  outline in 15 minutes! This method made it much easier for me to persuade my audience and to deliver with confidence.”

“In just a few hours of our Innovation Tournament, my team generated 40+ideas for improving efficiencies at our Distribution Center. The ones we implemented are making a BIG difference in how quickly we can get orders out the door!

“My last company put me through a three-day presentation class that was incredibly expensive. Jeannie’s training and process are head over heals better, straightforward, and more effective!”
       ~ Becky, IT MANAGER