Presentation Transformation

 Workshops & Coaching

Inspire, Influence and Persuade
Others to Take Action

With each presentation we have an opportunity to inspire others to take action. Yet we often fall flat. We overwhelm, confuse, and ignore how our audience consumes information. At Inside Out Innovation we help you write, design and deliver a powerful and compelling message.

What Makes Our Workshops Stand Out:

NOT YOUR TYPICAL “PUBLIC SPEAKING" PROGRAM    We believe that great presentations start with exceptional design. In our hands-on Presentation Transformation workshops and coaching you'll learn the science of influencing people - so you present what your audience needs to take the action you want them to take.

AN INCREDIBLY PRACTICAL METHOD   You’ll learn an incredibly practical method  that transforms AND speeds up how you design all future presentations.

YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU NEED   We offer 3 hands-on workshops: Exceptional Design, Compelling Visuals, Confident Delivery. Do you need one or all three?  In each you'll start a new or improve an existing presentation.





How motivated is your team to change?  This depends partly on how you present information. Learn how to inspire employees, customers and investors to keep your business growing.



The success of your projects and ability to get funding can depend on how you present your case. Learn to make the complex comprehensible.



Not only do you need to update and influence your senior leaders, you also provide development opportunities for others. Provide exceptional communication skills training to your teams and help boost careers.



How well do you connect with potential clients and increase sales conversions? Design a client-focused message that your whole sales team can deliver. One that builds trust and persuades.


Inspiring Ideas & Better Presentations For 10 Years

It’s hard to watch people struggle through poor presentations.  I'm referring to both the presenter AND the audience.   The underprepared presenter nervously "dumps" all their data on the audience.  The audience sits in confusion and frustration.  No one wins... and it's not good for career or sales.

 After working at two Large Fortune 500 companies,  I noticed that those leaders who were better presenters were better able to influence their teams and clients. In other words - good presentations mattered.  

That's why I created Inside-Out Innovation: To bring people together in hands-on, energizing workshops where the intimidation of presenting melts away.   I have a knack for helping others improve both the "business" side (clear content) and the "visual" side (appealing slides) of their presentations.

Cheers to us changing the world.  One exceptional idea and presentation at a time.



Free Presentation Slide Starter Kit

Whether you love or hate them, slide decks will be part of your professional life for the foreseeable future. These templates will help you create presentations that resonate (no design degree required).

What Clients are Saying

"Jeannie’s techniques were truly transformative. Her training taught me to focus on a central message and to clear away the junk in my presentations. Before the training, I assumed that my presentations were as lean and focused as possible, but I quickly learned that my structure and format were not ideal.  I have used Jeannie’s tips now on multiple occasions, and I am much more confident about my delivery than before. I also believe that my audiences have been more engaged as a result."

Bonnie Hernandez - Manager: Results Lab


"As an Executive Director, I saw immediate use and value in having all of my staff participate in the Inside-Out Innovation’s training. The Content and Visual Design training provide a structure from which all attendees could apply in their own work and it was peppered with great tips and tricks on how to use PowerPoint and design elements."

Alexandria Wise -  Executive Director: CEDS


“My last company put me through a three-day presentation class that was incredibly expensive. Jeannie’s training and process are head over heals better, straightforward, and more effective!”
Becky - IT Director: McKesson